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Helpful Pages for Washington State Legal Needs

Legal issues can pose serious problems in a persons life, and they usually create a lot of stress and anxiety. Although it is always recommended that one reach out to an attorney for assistance in these matters, there are some free resources available online that can create some clarity with a variety of legal issues.

Washington LawHelp - Created and maintained by the Northwest Justice Project, this website provides easy to understand materials covering a variety of legal issues, such as family law, immigration law, debt assistance, and elder law.

King County Bar Association - Founded in 1886, the King County Bar Association commits itself to providing accessibility to justice through a variety of pro bono programs. Pro bono services such as the Neighborhood Legal Clinic, Housing Justice Project, and Volunteer Legal Services can connect low income residents of King County with a qualified attorney.

King County Public Law Library - King County's Public Law Library is a helpful page providing simple, easy to understand guides for matters such as divorce, eviction, and probate.

University of Washington Ghallager Law Library - The Ghallager Law library provides an extensive list of legal resources and links covering an extremely extensive range of legal issues. These resources are available to the public, although other parts of the law library may not be available to all.

Hopefully these resources provide a starting point to clear up some of the confusion surrounding your legal matter. If you are in need of further assistance, send us a message or call us at 425-312-3871.

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